Shaping the Architect’ s profile(s) for the Mediterranean and European South.


The project is an experiment. It is an initiative to (re)consider, through the collaboration among schools of architecture, professional bodies and interdisciplinary teams, the education of the architects in the Mediterranean and European South (MED.ES).


The project is an initiative of a number of Schools of Architecture (SA) in the Mediterranean and European South aiming to (re)consider their position in the growing internationalization of higher (architectural) education. 


The main characteristic of the project is that it is looking at the local not separated from the European, but on the contrary, as creatively and constructively articulated with it. 


The activities proposed in this application construct a pilot step upon which, after its completion and evaluation, the extension of the partnership and the enhancement of the involvement of bodies and agents in another set of more open activities to be planned will be built.


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