02 Expectations

Expectations of the  MEDES Countries Societies for the architect of the near future

The request to shape the profile of the architect cannot only be based upon the views, expectations and conceptions of  academics and professionals. In an interdependent world we are experiencing, the creation of habitable space  dependent upon multiple parameters as these emerge from the social dynamics, the financial dependences, the cultural dimensions and all other actors involved in the materialisation of the spaces we experience in our social and cultural life. This is why it is necessary to understand how the other social actors who appropriate the architectural creations understand, conceive and expect the profile of an architect in the near future.

With this study we developed a multi- and trans- disciplinary approach to the contemporary profile of the architect, collecting data from a complex sample of disciplines and professionals collaborating with architects or experiencing the outcomes of their work. This approach was based upon a bottom up conception of our work in this project which looked for a dynamic articulation of the forces affecting the formulation of the physiognomy of the architects and built their expected roles and directed their actions and creations. If society is the final designator of every architecture then the consultation of the target groups and actors is a necessary condition.

This intellectual outcome referenced to the expected knowledge, skills and competence structuring architects’ profile so that this was a useful input to the work that the project developed on the educational and pedagogical approaches that were developed by the academic institutions. It is presented in the form of a research report and as a case study is disseminated in all schools of the participating Countries. It also had the value of pilot study and for this reason it appeared on the web site of the project for further dissemination.