02A1 Implementation

This consultation had as main objective to look into the future of the profession from an interdisciplinary perspective. In this respect, this consultation targeted at a sample composed by persons belonging to different social groups and different professional categories related to the profession of the architect. It was extremely important to the schools of architecture and the professional bodies to understand how the profile of the architect they create or serve was perceived from their broader and complex context.

The consultation investigated the skills requested from the architects by the emerging society in to the particular financial and political context. Which related new areas were then emerging? In which teams was the current profile of the architect really needed?

In order to reflect this interdisciplinary perspective a set of in-depth interviews was carried out (over one hundred) looking at future scenarios about the required skills? This study was carried out by the group of Architects for an Interdependent World within EDIW and was presented for debate at the second annual meeting. After this presentation the team submited the results of their analysis and processing of the collected data. The sample was distributed between the participating Countries on the basis of their population, the number of acting professional architects and the number of students in schools of architecture.