04A2 Preparing teaching material and programs for intensive workshops for learners. Educational template.

In order to test the elaborated proposals for innovative teaching approaches, two pilot students’ workshops were organized. The development of these workshops was based upon a detailed time schedule, academic contents, and teaching approaches, emerging from the previous work on intellectual outcome O4.

This educational material produced had as main objective to structure the contents upon which a class simulation was created where teachers and learners collaborated in order to produce specified  educational outcomes. It was evaluated after each one of the workshops as to its efficiency and the operational value for the  educational processes that took place.

The design of the first educational program was oriented towards the new technological advances and their efficiency to tackle local environmental and climate issues. The design of the educational material of the second  intensive workshop worked reversely. It focused on innovative and experimental approaches to local, cultural heritage and social problems and inspected how new technologies and environmental issues served creatively the above themes.

As production of educational material, it presented the design of a short time module with the description of the educational paths and steps, with the texts that were consulted, the precedents that were analyzed and collected, with the expected learning outcomes, with the type of exercises that were developed, and the evaluation criteria that were used.