04A3 Preparing training material and program for the two pilot intensive training seminars for teachers of Architecture. Staff training template.

One of the most significant parameters of the quality of architectural education is the quality of the teacher. However in our education system, teaching staff is recruited primarily on the basis of the quality of the candidate as architect or as researcher but almost never as a teacher.

Teaching staff in schools of architecture are never trained as educators and they normally teach as they have being taught,  that is to say according to teaching logics, methods and processes developed for different priorities, values and conceptions of architecture and of the conceived, at that time, profile of the architect. It is extremely important to improve the quality of teaching if we wish to improve the quality of teachers especially in this period of crisis where we need to do more with less.

The training material for these two seminars constituted a guide to the seminar presenting views and aspects on education, pedagogical proposals and good practice examples adapted and convenient to the particularities of the local condition on architectural education. This material primarily raised questions to the young teachers than proposing models and guidelines to be followed. Its main purpose was to help the participants to navigate towards targets and objectives and to think of education as a project to be designed and completed.

The 1st Pilot intensive training program focused on architectural design education in relation to technology and  the  environment and the 2nd on architectural design in relation to Culture, Society and Heritage. The educational material adapted to the particular learning outcomes of each seminar.