05A1 Elaborating recommendations and strategic directions for structuring curricula

The aim of this activity was to elaborate proposals and alternative ways to define through the curriculum structures the different schools’ profiles focusing on their individual strengths and developing incentives to support strategic choices in order to enhance the quality of the education they offer. The objective of this activity was to offer a supportive material which encouraged all schools of architecture in the area to rethink their position in the international and local competitions and to use their curricula as an effective means in their competition policies.

The activity elaborated recommendations concerning the structure of the parts of the curriculum, the distribution of the subject areas in the duration of the ¬†studies, the distribution of time per subject area and the gravity of each one in the total amount of studies time expressed in terms of ECTS, the percentage between teaching time and students’ workload, the synergies between different modules, the way that architectural design studio can become an updated melting pot of architectural knowledge.

This work was supported by pedagogues and experts on architectural education so that the planned outcome would have the necessary  academic validity and the operational efficiency. The working group also consulted the local accreditation bodies in order to assure that the proposed recommendations would not affect the accreditation processes and validation criteria.