E1-B1 Educating Architects in an Interdependent Europe: Contents of studies shaping new profiles

This conference took place in Greece and focused on the contents of architectural education and the teaching and pedagogical approaches that could assure characteristic aspects of the profile of the graduate. It discussed with a broader academic milieu the importance of the local identities and the ways they could become a strength for the strategies of schools in the international competition. Examples of good practice were presented and eminent teachers and pedagogues contributed.

More specifically the event focused on architectural design education and on the ways that new technologies, environmental issues and social and cultural problems can play a creative impulse in architectural design education. During the conference a presentation of the results of the mapping and the consultation (intellectual outcomes O1 and O2) took place.

A greater number of 40 academics participated in this event. It had a two-day duration and was structured upon four sessions the contents of which were defined by the organizing committee.