E1-B2 Educating Architects in an Interdependent Europe: Systems of studies shaping new profiles

This Conference took place in Spain and focused on the system of studies and the role of the curricula to enhance the attractiveness of the schools and the promotion of local identities as part of the European Culture. It discussed with the broader European academic milieu structures of the parts of architectural curriculum, the distribution of the subject areas in the duration of the studies, the distribution of time per subject area and the gravity of each one in the total amount of studies time expressed in terms of ECTS, the percentage between teaching time and students workload, the synergies between different modules, the way that architectural design studio can become and updated melting pot of architectural knowledge.

During the conference the recommendations and the proposals for strategic directions of the development and the reform of schools curricula were elaborated as the intellectual outcome O5.

A greater number than 40 academics participated in this event. It had a two days duration and was structured upon four sessions the contents of which were defined by the organizing committee. In this event, the Heads and academic program coordinators were invited.