Learning / Teaching / Training Activities

archi-med.es project developed two types of activities of this category which have different target groups and different expected impact on the objectives of the project. The first addressed learners and worked as an experimental environment testing pedagogical approaches and strategies assuring particular aspects of the characteristics of the profile of the architect as this was elaborated after the mapping (O1) and the consultation (O2) and presented in terms of knowledge, skills and competences for level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework. The two proposed workshops previewed students work for 75 hours (56 in situ and 20 hours preparation before the event) and corresponded to 3 ECTS which were justified by certificates from the organizers. The total teaching time was 25 hours per intensive program. The other type of activity addressed to young teachers and researchers in Architecture who wished to get a better insight into educational and pedagogical issues. The training seminars that the project organised worked as a testing environment where pilot teaching and pedagogical material were evaluated as to its efficiency, operability and aptitude to be absorbed creatively and constructively by young people. These seminars encouraged the participating institutions but also all schools of architecture to consider seriously the upgrade and the modernisation of their human resources. The quality of teachers is a fundamental parameter of the quality of education and for this reason these activities have a very significant role to play in the overall objectives of the project. The organizers offered to the trainees a certificate in which a short description of the event that place and the amount of time spent for it were stated. Each seminar had 25 hours of teaching and 15 hours observation of students work in the workshop.